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Internet Empowerment

The core of any web application is its users. And, the core of any user's experience on the internet is their access to text and images, and their ability to create the same. Of that text and image content, the most important is what a user has found or created, and wants to keep.

By enabling people to find, store, and create text and images, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious (owned by Yahoo!), LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc. provide us with valuable services. In exchange, we provide these sites with a gold mine of information, which they leverage for their own financial benefit.

While this is going on internet-based businesses are creating a vacuum that sucks revenue away from traditional storefronts. This, in turn, has taken away thousands of jobs. It is a a natural effect of new technology to disrupt it's forebears. However, it should be the responsibility of these new technology companies to offer services and opportunities that distribute new sources of wealth to everyday people.

For this reason the social media giants with billion-plus dollar valuations should feel a responsibility to enable financial benefits to the people that regularly contribute their text and images to their respective platforms. In other words, when someone clicks an ad on your Facebook profile, or your Twitter account, Facebook and Twitter should not get 100% of the revenue.

In the endeavor that is your personal profile, it would make sense that you should get a good chunk of any profits generated from it. Maybe even half of that. But, right now, users get nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

With the applications that I build, I hope to not only enable the basic right of saving and generating text, but to promote a fair distribution of the wealth generated by my applications. My first commercial web site was a company called Pay4Tweet. In it's first full year of generating revenue, it enabled $150,000 in transaction volume. 90% of which went back to it's users. That's $140K of revenue generated for the people that put Pay4Tweet on the map.

As you can imagine, a site like this becomes a target. It no longer exists. For the whole story, please visit

Through this experience it became clear to me that we cannot rely on social media giants to do the right thing, and so this app is the first step in allowing you to eventually gain financial ownership of your content. In it's current iteration, it only allows you the ability to capture your ideas, and favorite websites. But, the long-term goal is to enable advertising strategies that financially reward participating users.

Since it's just me, this won't happen overnight, but I hope that you'll believe, like I do, in the idea that wealth should not be hoarded. It should be shared with the people that help make it possible. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope that, at the very least, you'll receive some benefit from this note and bookmarking application.

-Maurice Wright

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